Welcome to 'Boxing Barmy' the home of great boxing on DVD!

The boxing DVD's on this site are divided into two categories - the first are the DVDs that originate from VHS tapes recorded from the early 80's to mid-2006. The second category are DVDs that are straight copies taken from the original DVD of the recorded fights. As you can understand the latter will usually be better quality, though the quality of the VHS to DVD discs is also very good.

Please note that DVDs numbered 001 to 110 on this site are mostly 1st Generation copies taken from VHS tapes.

As an avid boxing fan I started to record any boxing shown on TV from the early 80's (when VHS/BETAMAX players first became popular). The number of tapes numbered around 100 and it wasn't until the mid-2000's that I realised that these tapes were quite unique and other boxing fans would like to see them. Boxing Barmy was 'born' and I then started to copy the VHS tapes to DVD and slowly made them available for purchase at a small cost to cover hosting expenses/maintenance etc.

Regarding the VHS to DVD discs, the quality is very good for the age of the recording and most are first generation copies. Many fights are complete - occasionally there may be just edited highlights or missing rounds as they came from the television broadcasts at the time - however you won't be disappointed. These fantastic boxing DVDs are offered for just £6.95 per disk plus postage! (See postage rates here) You won't get better value boxing DVDs anywhere else on the Internet!

Here are just a few of the great fights listed:

All the fights on your boxing DVD are listed with the name of the participants, title (if any) and the month and year the bout took place [more info...].

These boxing disks are extremely collectable with over 200 available now for purchase with more coming soon!

Ward v Gatti Trilogy

Ward v Gatti Trilogy

These three classic fights have their deserved place in boxing history. If you haven't seen these fights or you have a boxing fan in the family - get this DVD - you won't be disappointed!

Corrales v Castillo 1 & 2

Corrales v Castillo 1 & 2

For thrills and relenteless back and forth action these two fights represent why boxing fans are amazed at these two warriors.